Cat hanging bed Hammock

This product is a very popular cat product because it not only provides a comfortable resting place, but also helps cats reduce stress and relax, and it can also help cats exercise their physical balance.
1. Multi-layer design: It adopts multi-layer design to provide more space and activity area, so that cats can jump and play on it.

2. Detachable Design: The cat hammock adopts a detachable design for easy cleaning and maintenance, easily remove the mattress for cleaning and replacement.

The cat swing is a fun and comfortable device designed for cats to lounge and play in.The ropes used to suspend the bed are durable to ensure that they can support the weight of the cat and withstand the swinging motion. The ropes are also adjustable in length, allowing you to set the height of the swing to suit the preferences of your cat and the space available.
Cat swings are popular with cat owners because they provide a comfortable and safe place for their cats to relax and play. The swinging motion of the swing can be calming for cats, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. It’s also a great way for cats to exercise their natural instinct to play and climb.
Overall, a cat swing is a fun and functional addition to any cat owner’s home. It provides your cat with a cozy and safe space to rest, play, and exercise, helping to improve their overall health and well-being.

Customized color,logo and package.




Yellow, Blue


80*66*57cm, Customized

Cat hanging bed Hammock